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Hi, I'm Kavya!

I'm a multidisciplinary designer based out of Bangalore and have worked across Graphics, UI/UX, Product Management and have now picked up iOS development too. I've always liked to use my learning to solve problems, and have had a particular interest in building products addressing environmental issues.

My most recent work has been on Carbon Trim, an iOS app that makes carbon footprints of daily actions available to anyone who's curious. Given that climate change will effect communities and species around the world, I believe that solutions that engage people with the problem are increasingly important. Working on this app also gave me an opportunity to research on and collate scattered carbon footprint data from multiple research papers, teach myself how to code and understand user interactions on the app through analytics. 


I'm also constantly on the lookout for interesting product ideas to work on, so if there's anything to discuss or some feedback to share about Carbon Trim, do drop me a message at

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